Hard or soft glasses case?

Glasses are a necessary item that you use on a day-to-day basis. No matter what type of glasses you use, sun or sight, there are different kinds of glasses cases that will match each usage. So, if you can’t make up your mind on which one to purchase, the best advice you should consider is to choose it according to your purpose of use.

The hard glasses case is mostly chosen because of its maximum protective qualities. It is intelligently designed with durability and strength to be able to protect your glasses for the long term from nearly anything. It will allow you to be quiet and relaxed knowing that your glasses are protected and kept in ideal conditions. The hard glasses case is suitable also for hiking, sea activities, and training.

There are specific glasses that are recommended to be stored in a harder case. For example, frameless glasses are especially important to store in a hard case that will prevent damage to the lens due to their fragility.

However, if you buy a hard case, you must make sure that your sunglasses fit and stay inside properly, because if not they will damage them while closing the case or while swinging around the case. In addition, you should be noted that they are usually larger, don’t easily fit and can be not so convenient to carry around.

The soft glasses case is usually slimmer, not as bulky as hard glasses cases, offers decent protection, and can fit most sizes of glasses. It is light to carry around and keeps glasses safely inside. So, if the case is for storing only, whether at your house, office, or bag, then you should buy a standard soft glasses case.

However, this kind of case is not very protective against breakage such as the hard one. With that said, one of the advantages of the soft cloth case is that by using it as a cloth you can keep your lenses clean from any mark.

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December 01, 2021 — rotem shemesh

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